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About Capable Objects

The Company

Capable Objects (CO) offers products and services for developing systems based on a Domain Model. Principal developers are

CapableObjects AB, located in Stockholm, Sweden, is a privately held company.


ECO is the name of the design time product and also the name of the runtime framework that you use to power model driven applications.
The runtime bits of ECO are royalty free.

The design time bits of ECO consists of several parts:

ECO works as a plugin to Visual Studio (currently 2010, earlier VS2005, VS2008)

AppComplete collects all the design time parts of ECO and offers this in a standalone Windows WPF application.

Complete source code can be licensed.


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ECO Contrib

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OCL 2.2 Specification

Martin Fowler

Model, View, ViewModel and more (a collection of links)


The ViewModel
Using Blend with ECO
ViewModels in ASP.NET, I hate ASP.NET
Declarative ViewModels and Taborder
Enumerations in Modlr
Eco Action Language (EAL) & OCL
ViewModel validations
Cursored or non Cursored
What a Game! Now Reports…
Silverlight and ViewModels and ECO and Model Driven Development
Silverlight ViewModel UserControl
Eco Silverlight–client and server side–how is it supposed to work
Straight forward, easy even, Silverlight applications with ECO that saves, loads and discovers changed objects on the server


What is it?
WECPOF – getting to the bottom of the Line of Business Application
WECPOF, the icing on the Model Driven cake
Defining Main menu actions
What an Action can do
Using WECPOF in runtime
The multi variable seeker
Styling WECPOF applications and ViewModels
Silverlight 4 – Out of browser – Model driven
Reverse engineer a database, Reverse engineer a database - again
Diagrams in Diagrams
Knowing nothing, where to begin
Enterprise architect information
Catching more information in your model
Allowing return key in some cells of DataGrid but not in others
Being declarative when it fits with the Model Driven Framework ECO for Visual Studio 2010

Other topics

Filter away exceptions
UML Inheritance
Segmenting definition and logic
Derived attributes & associations
Using different WCF Bindings with Enterprise Core Objects – ECO – the model driven framework
What about HasUserCode in Enterprise Core Objects – ECO the Model Driven Framework
Coding along, doing more faster with WPF and ECO and OCL
Modlr plugins
Strongly typed thank you!, Rational Rose Modeler, MDL File importer
Source code license