Export format keywords

You can use keywords listed here in Grasshopper.Plugin.BasicFormatter version and above.

%row.begin%		Begins row output 
%row.end%		Ends row output 

%author%		Commit author

%date%			Commit date 
%date.day%		Date.Day 
%date.dayofweek% 	Date.DayOfWeek 
%date.dayofyear% 	Date.DayOfYear 
%date.hour% 		Date.Hour 
%date.milisecond% 	Date.Millisecond 
%date.minute% 		Date.Minute 
%date.month% 		Date.Month 
%date.second% 		Date.Second 
%date.ticks% 		Date.Ticks 
%date.timeofday% 	Date.TimeOfDay 
%date.year% 		Date.Year 
%date.longdate% 	Date.LongDateString 
%date.longtime% 	Date.LongTimeString 
%date.shortdate% 	Date.ShortDateString 
%date.shorttime% 	Date.ShortTimeString 

%message% 		Commit message
%revision% 		Revision 
%notes% 		Notes entered for entry in Grasshopper

%parity.string%		Returns row parity as string: "even" or "odd"
%parity.int%		Returns row parity as int:  1 for even; otherwise 0


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