[w/ Techincal Details] Suggestion for compatibility with Comgenie's Awesome Filesplitter

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[w/ Techincal Details] Suggestion for compatibility with Comgenie's Awesome Filesplitter


I've not seen a PC-side application to merge the files that splitted with Comgenie's Awesome Filesplitter.

And PS3Merge is a really good app. I'd like to see that PS3Merge's compatibility is extended.

A member of my website, who's "Hakan Talde" found a way to merge them on the Windows' cmd console.

The explanation below is a translated version of Hakan Talde's experience:

CAFS splits the gow1.psarc as:


PS. To split the files on the Windows' cmd console, the file extensions have to be same. File name is not important.

So he renamed the "gow1.psarc" as "gow2.psarc" and the "gow1.psarc.1.part" as "gow3.psarc".

To merge the files on the cmd console:

copy/b gow2.psarc+gow3.psarc gow1.psarc

In the end, all splitted as gow1.psarc.

He tried his method on "God Of War Collection", "Tekken 6", "Red Dead Redemption", "Resistance – Fall Of Man" and "Gran Turismo 5".

No issues at all, 100% success rate and games are playable.

I'd like to see that this feature implented to PS3Merge(I guess which will be easy).

So that PS3Merge can be a complete solution.

Best Regards.


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This is one of the ways to merge files. Problem is that in this case it would be hard to show any progress. :)

But thanks for feedback - maybe we will create small tool for mergeing files in our Academy section, so you can use it

Thanks for the quick answer.

With "progress" if you mean "progress bar", i've a simple(maybe stupid) idea. It's up to you if it's useful or not.

How to show a progress bar:

First get the splitted files' total size.

Eg: 4 GB(splitted_file_1) + 4 GB(splitted_file_2) + 2 GB(splitted_file_3) = 10 GB(total size)

Checking the file size which is being merged can be a solution.

Eg: If "merged file" is 1 GB then progress bar = 10%

I guess you got the idea. I hope it helps.

And thanks for assisstance.