PS3Splitter release info

We are happy to announce another PS3Splitter release!
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Give PS3Splitter a try to see what it's really capable of!

Submitted changes:
  • Feature: Small performance tweak.
  • Feature: Radical changes in GUI
  • Feature: Added "Delete original file" as option.
  • Feature: Added "AutoUpdate" as option.
  • Feature: Additional progress bar showing total progress - helpful if processing more than one file.
  • Feature: Total progress is also visible in taskbar under Windows 7.



Please help when separate that Resident evil umbrella chronicles the 5 parts, and when we put them on a USB and pushing i the ps3 when i try to install via multimana only one file I installed five of these and do not merge them all together to install please help me And by the way I'm on Roger 4:31

Original File

Even if the options are appointed "do not delete the file" the program makes the file is deleted, please fix in a future update. Thanks for the tool.

Thanks for your feedback!

Since this was second such case we revised code this time and... infact there was a bug. We will try to build another release in no time.